Allen Iverson’s Uncensored “40 Bars” Rap

This may not be a quote but, boy is it hilarious, moronic and dumb!

Allen Iverson, NBA superstar, like Shaq tries to rap. Here is his uncensored version! Tell me what u think? lol

Man enough to pull a gun;
Be man enough to squeeze it.
Blink if you don’t believe it.
Anything to do with millions I’m gonna be with it.
Get murdered in the 2nd and 1st degree.
Come to me with faggot tendencies, you be sleeping where the maggots be.
Won’t catch me as a victim in a rap casualty….
Everybody stay fly. Get money, kill and fuck bitches! I’m hittin’ anything, and planning on using my riches….
Down for zero digits. I’m a giant and you’re a midget
I know n*ggaz that kill for a fee, that would kill your ass for free.
Believe me.
How you wanna die, fast or slowly?
Now I’m reaching for heat; Leave you leakin’ in the street.
Nigga screamin’ he was a good boy ever since he was born.
But fuck it, he gone, life must go on.
Niggaz don’t live that long….
This type of murder don’t need no hook;
Just 40 f*cking bars from the mouth of a crook.

Stick to basketball, boi!


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